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The Grown-Up Test by Netflix

  • Role: Illustration, Art Direction, UX
  • Agency: Stinkdigital
  • Client: Netflix
  • Year: 2016

Reimagining a childhood classic as a whimsical interactive quiz.

The Little Prince is a children's book globally beloved by both kids and adults, that has now been adapted into an equally heartwarming Netflix Original movie. Inspired by the themes of growing-up from the story, we worked with Netflix to create an interactive test to find out if you are truly a grown-up or still a child at heart.

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Balancing the Familiar with the New

The visual style and content of the test blends aspects of the book and the film, to create an experience that would be familiar to fans of the book, while introducing the audience to the style and new characters from the film.

Image from the Little Prince book
Still from The Little Prince Movie

Custom Illustrations

The questions and interactions of the test were all conceived by our team at Stinkdigital, but in order to keep consistent with other marketing material we had to use pre-existing assets. This could have greatly limited the questions that we wanted to use, but I was able to create custom illustrations in the same style that helped maintain a consistent experience, and worked around the issue of having limited assets to use.

Custom Illustrations

Shareable Results

Making the end results of the test relatable to the test-takers, but still in the spirit of the film was extremely important. This was the element that people would be sharing on their social media, ultimately promoting the test and the film. We created 5 different possible results using the metaphor of a growing tree, on the little prince’s planet.

The Test Results

Post Launch

After the first week of launch the site had 95,000 visits with only a 16% bounce rate.

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  • Creative Directors: Tim Blount, Yego Moravia
  • Designer: Esther Park
  • Illustrator: Esther Park
  • Copy Writer: Tim Blount
  • Producer: John Mendoza