Destroyer Explosion


  • Role: Motion
  • Agency: Stinkdigital
  • Client: Sprout Group
  • Year: 2016

Experimental branding for Culver City's experimental cafe.

Destroyer is a cafe created by chef Jordan Kahn. Located on Hayden Tract in Culver City, it is at the heart of a community of creative offices and studios, and was created as a platform for bringing the community together. Jordan Kahn and the Sprout Group needed an identity for the cafe that would align with their unique vision.

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The Brand

The Destroyer brand signifies a metaphorical comet, destroying whatever is in its path, but also creating new life. The brand language revolves around this idea of a comet’s trajectory: the streaks of light, textures of stars, the interstellar mist, and the black of expanse.

Through the use of typography, space, and momentum we reinterpret the comet into a frame by frame sequence, and created the logo as a snapshot of the comet’s path in motion.

The Website

The website concept continues the story of the comet, starting off from the beginning of the comet’s journey in an empty expanse, and slowly gaining momentum until it makes impact at the end. The website contains a daily changing menu, the hours of operation and location, a journal of images related to the cafe, and even a space-invadersesque game at the end.

Destroyer Website Responsive Ecosystem
Destroyer Hours Animated Gif
Destroyer Date Animated gif
Destroyer Location Animated gif
Destroyer Asteroids Easter Egg Game Animated Gif

Beyond Digital

Aside from the branding and website, we created collateral elements that would be a part of the physical store experience. This included signage and table numbers.

Extending the brand language, we incorporated motion into the table numbers, designing lenticular cards with an animation on one side and the number on the other.

Destroyer Totem Mockup
Destroyer Totem Animated gif
Destroyer Totem Animated gif
Destroyer Totem Animated gif
Destroyer Totem Animated gif


  • Creative Director: Yego Moravia
  • Art Director: Nick Fearnley
  • Designer: Esther Park
  • Producer: Iliana Espineira