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  • Role: Illustrator, UX, UI
  • Client: Senior Interface Course
  • Team: Chery Chan, Samantha Slinn, Scott Lee
  • Year: 2016

Making learning about culture engaging for kids.

In a time of increasing globalization, parents often struggle to get their child excited and engaged in learning about their cultural heritage. We wanted to address this issue by making cultural learning tangible for young children and their parents.

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The Idea

A tablet-first game application, designed for children and their parents to explore culture through individual and collaborative activities.

Making the experience personal

We chose to explore these four areas of culture in our app because they can be incorporated and identified in everyday life, and are easy to learn. Each category has a different kind of interaction and experience, suited to best fit that aspect of culture.

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With the cooking game, children can learn about food vocabulary and traditional dishes from their culture.

culturo cooking


Children can also learn about important cultural holidays and icons through exploring interactive environments.

culturo holiday


The child can play dress up with their character, and learn about cultural clothing.

culturo clothing

Read together

You can toggle between languages to read or listen to traditional cultural stories.

culturo stories


We also wanted parents to have the power to pass down their favourite bedtime stories and recipes from when they were kids, which is why we incorporated more customization in each of the four aspects so that the app is tailored to each family. Parents can pick from a catalogue of activities to find the ones that matter most to them, or pick ready-to-go packs.

culturo customize

Learn Together

As the first close point of interaction, parents play an important role in supporting a child’s healthy sense of self. In order to facilitate interaction and learning with parents, we designed activities that can be done together. There are recipes for cooking traditional food together, and traditional folklores for the parents to read with their child.

culturo learn together


culturo illustrations